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Another day the thought comes to you – it’s time to change your hairstyle. You browse the internet, take screenshots, find your dream hairstyle, and finally make a choice. You go to the hairdresser, and he does his job. You come back home and stand in front of the mirror to make sure the hairdresser didn’t deceive you. There’s only one thought in your head: “But it wasn’t supposed to look like this.” Does it sound familiar? If so, in this article, you will learn about several aspects to pay attention to when choosing a hairstyle. If the recommendations given match your model, then it certainly suits you, and you can confidently wear it. In addition, you can use our convenient men’s hairstyles gallery. It will help you choose the most suitable hairstyle easily.

In this article:

  1. Basic criteria for choosing a hairstyle
  2. I have a receding hairline/high forehead
  3. I have acne on my forehead
  4. I have little/much time for hair care
  5. I am chubby/skinny
  6. I work in a place where appearance is not important/where there is a strict dress code
  7. I have a … face shape
  8. I have … hair type

Basic criteria for choosing a hairstyle 

How to choose the right hairstyle? How to know what length of hair suits you? You have to make an honest assessment. Stand in front of the mirror and carefully answer these questions:

  • Do I have receding hairline/naturally high forehead?
  • Do I have acne on my forehead?
  • How much time do I have for hair care?
  • Am I chubby or skinny?
  • Where do I work?
  • What is my face shape?
  • What type of hair do I have?

I have a receding hairline/high forehead

Bearded man with receding hairline

When dealing with receding hairline and high forehead, you need to ask yourself some additional questions: do you have thin or thick hair? How big is the receding hairline/forehead? Let’s start with the simpler case of thick hair and not too big receding hairline. Here you can go for practically any hairstyle (be careful with mohawks as they accentuate the receding hairline). The following styles work great:

If you feel comfortable, you can also try:

If you have thick hair but large receding hairline, use hairstyles with a fringe. If the receding hairline is small but the hair is thin, then follow the advice for thick hair. Just be a bit more careful with backcombing. Or maybe your hair is thin, but the receding hairline is large? In that case, try a fringe! It’s basically the only option to hide the receding hairline… Hmm, it looks funny? Then just accept the receding hairline and go for a bald cut or move on to the next points and choose a hairstyle ignoring the receding hairline issue. Alternatively, get a professional wig or try a hair transplant.

I have acne on my forehead

This point abstracts from dermatological treatment. The advice is simple – go for hairstyles with a fringe. Examples include:

I have little/much time for hair care

If you have a lot of time for hair care, then take into account the previous and subsequent tips and choose the hairstyle you want. If you have little time, go for short hair. Here are some stylish examples from the “short” category:

I am chubby/skinny

Bearded man

If you’re skinny, you have no problem – any hairstyle will suit you. But if you have a few extra kilograms, first think about wearing a beard and avoid fringes. Fringes will make your face look rounder. If other aspects allow you, choose side or back combed hairstyles. Some sample models include:

I work in a place where appearance is not important/where there is a strict dress code

If you work in a place where you can look however you want, then get your hair cut however you like. But if you have to be elegant every day, don’t experiment – stick to the classics. Don’t style your sides too much and try to keep your hairstyles “polite.” Useful cosmetics will help you keep hairstyles like:

I have a … face shape

Men's face shapes

Here you will find recommendations and sample models for any face shape.

Oval face

Recommendations: the face is basically perfect; any hairstyle will do.

Hairstyles: all hairstyles of different hair lengths will suit you (just consider other recommendations)

Round face

Recommendations: no fringes; combed and upward-facing hair is welcome.

Hairstyles: Undercut, Pompadour, Side Part, Quiff, etc.

Triangle face

Recommendations: you can have any hairstyle you want, but not too short as they will will make forehead look even narrower.

Hairstyles: Messy Hair/Bad Hair Day, Fringe, Side Part, Caesar Cut, Pompadour

Inverted triangle face

Recommendations: a wide forehead and small chin suggest not exposing the forehead, so a fringe works well; you can also consider quite long hair.

Hairstyles: Messy Hair/Bad Hair Day, Fringe, long hairstyles

Rectangular face

Recommendations: also a desirable shape; use any hairstyle you want.

Hairstyles: all hairstyles of different hair lengths will look good (just consider other recommendations)

Square face

Recommendations: all asymmetries and elements that smooth out sharp edges are welcome (if that bothers you); a parting, asymmetric comb, and fringe (not straight) are welcome.

Hairstyles: Side Part, Messy Hair/Bad Hair Day, Fringe

Diamond face

Recommendations: to avoid elongating the face, refuse from mohawks and similar styles; you can safely use stylized messiness and side combs, but be careful with back combs.

Hairstyles: Side Part, Messy Hair/Bad Hair Day, Fringe

I have … hair type

Man with red hair and stubble

We’ll finish the comparison with types of hair. The hairstyle a person chooses with straight, wavy, and curly hair depends solely on their preferences. The first two cases have a relatively easy situation. Curly hair just needs to adjust the desired hairstyle to fit them. As for thin hair (because normal and thick hair allows for any cut), opt for medium-length and layered cuts (layering is intended to add volume). However, be careful with the latter, so as not to thin out the hair too much.


You shouldn’t have any doubts now whether your dream hairstyle really suits you. However, remember that ultimately, you make the choice and if something doesn’t fit, but you really like it, just do it. After all, hair grows back, and experiments can lead to very interesting effects that you might not have known due to too much conservatism.

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