How to cut men’s hair at home?

The man is cutting hair on his head

Are you struggling to keep your hair in check during these challenging times? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll share some easy-to-achieve quarantine hairstyles that you can rock without having to visit a salon. Whether you’re looking for a sleek buzz cut or a messy tousled look, we’ve got tips and tricks to help you achieve the style you want. Plus, we’ve included some bonus tips to take your quarantine look to the next level.

In addition, you can check different types of hairstyles in our advanced hairstyle gallery. Convenient filters will help you choose the most suitable hairstyle easily.

In this article:

  1. Short Hairstyles
  2. Medium hairstyles
  3. Long hairstyles
  4. Bonus – How can you style your hair and what products can you use?

Short Hairstyles

Man with short hairstyle

This is certainly the fastest, simplest, and most convenient option. Both men who have postponed short haircuts despite balding and men with thick hair will find something for themselves here. You can choose between a clipper, a razor (or a disposable razor), and possibly scissors.

If you’re using an electric clipper, your options for very short hairstyles include:

Buzz Cut – the shortest possible hairstyle without using a razor blade; simply shave your entire head shortly

High and Tight/Military Cut – a classic military cut; shave the sides very short with a clipper, the top depending on preference – with scissors or a clipper – and use the clipper to create shading between the top and sides and back to differentiate the length of the shaved hair

Short Mohawk Cut – a short mohawk cut, also fits in the military style; it is very easy to do – leave a strip of hair in the middle of the head (the width is chosen individually according to preference – the narrower, the more edgy), and shave or cut everything around with a clipper or a razor

Faux Hawk/Fohawk – you could say it’s a “polite Mohawk”. As in other hairstyles, cut the sides relatively short and shade the transition between the top and the sides. Shorten the top with scissors and style it as you would with an actual Mohawk

Caesar Cut – a simple Roman-style cut; the procedure is similar to the military cut, but leave a slightly longer fringe cut straight (or fray it), which you then comb with the rest of the hair towards the forehead

Short Side Part – a classic and very elegant cut; shorten the top with scissors with the help of a comb, and shave the sides and back and apply the previously mentioned shading; comb the entire hair to the side and shave the part with the side using a clipper and comb

If you’re using a disposable razor, it’s recommended to trim your hair shorter beforehand with an electric clipper or scissors. After that, you can start shaving. Before shaving, make sure to warm up your skin with warm water and apply shaving foam.

If you are new to using a razor, it is recommended to shorten your hair first, similar to when using a disposable razor. However, it’s not always necessary. Before shaving, prepare your scalp by warming it up with warm water and applying shaving foam. After shaving, cool your scalp and apply aftershave balm to prevent irritation, no matter which tool you use.

Medium hairstyles

Man with a medium hairstyle.

There’s no need to beat around the bush – this category is more difficult than the previous one and requires some skill. However, remember that there’s always a first time, and with the quarantine, you probably don’t go out of your house too often anyway… The tools you’ll need are definitely scissors, an electric clipper will also come in handy, as well as a trimmer, a razor, or a disposable razor. If you’re not afraid and have some time, just scissors will suffice. Here are some hairstyles for medium hair:

Pompadour – Elvis Presley’s symbol. You need fairly long hair for this one. Depending on your preference, you can either cut the sides with scissors or shave and shade them. It’s good to have the back of the hair in the shape of the letter “V”. For the top of the hair, you can try an interesting trick – shorten the hair from the back to the front so that the layers further from the bangs support the longer hair closer to the forehead, giving shape to the whole hairstyle (you can try this for the Undercut as well). Arranging the hairstyle is extremely important – you can go for a high version with a lot of volume in the bangs area or a flattened version, which will look more like an Undercut.

Undercut – an edgier version of the Pompadour hairstyle. You need to shorten (or even out) the top of your hair, and shave or trim the sides with scissors, then create a sharp transition between the sides and the top, using clipper. The sides can be cut so that the hair at the bottom is the shortest, and as you go up, it gets longer, creating an interesting fade effect. The back in both versions (with sides of the same length or variable length) can look interesting when it takes the shape of the letter “V” or “U”. Comb everything back, then you can also level the sides and the hairline at the neck with a trimmer or a razor (you can follow the same steps for the following hairstyles).

Side Part – a longer brother of the short Side Part from the first category of hairstyles. The execution is very similar to the Undercut, you just need to comb the top of your hair to the side and thin it out, then you add a parting.

Fringe – a great hairstyle for bangs lovers. You need to cut/even out the top with scissors, leaving a longer bang, and also use scissors (or if you prefer a less “polite” version – a clipper) for the sides. You also even out the transition between the top and the sides, then comb everything diagonally forward.

Quiff – an upright hairstyle with short sides. A characteristic feature of the Quiff is that the further away from the forehead, the shorter the hair is. In this way, as in the Pompadour, shorter hair supports longer, heavier hair. You need to cut the top with scissors, and then shorten the sides with a clipper. Cut the back in the shape of the letter “U” or “V”

Messy Hair/Bad Hair Day – the last model in the ranking and probably the easiest, because everything revolves around “artistic disorder” that forgives any mistakes. You can shorten the sides with clippers or scissors and thin out the top, which remains significantly longer, then style it in a “crazy” way, using styling products and hairspray, pulling the hair in different directions.

Long hairstyles

Man with a long hairstyle

Perhaps you don’t need to resort to drastic measures in the short hair category if your hair has grown a bit more during quarantine. There are plenty of tasteful options in the long hairstyles category to consider:

Slick Back – classic comb-back. If you have very long hair, a headband can be a great solution, while for slightly shorter hair, you can use styling products and hairspray.

Man Bun – a male bun; nothing complicated – just tie your hair at the back. To make it more interesting, you can try trimming the bottom hairline at the neck and thinning it out. A haircut up to the nape of the neck will also be interesting.

Top Knot – a male bun in the economic version. Shave and thin out the sides, and tie up the top hair. An extremely practical solution, once very fashionable.

Messy Hair/Bad Hair Day – was described earlier, but it is worth mentioning that it can also be done on long hair.

Bonus – How can you style your hair and what products can you use?

Many of the showcased hairstyles require proper styling to look their best, so we’ll give you a quick rundown of the most essential styling tips.

Types of styling products:

  • hair gel – only for short hair and only if you want to achieve a wet effect; otherwise, there’s no reason to use it.
  • hair paste – a light and effective product for longer hairstyles that requires the help of hairspray to hold up well. It can be used alone for short hair.
  • hair wax – water-based hair products are much easier to use compared to wax-based ones (note: hair gel is not a substitute for wax-based products as they are of inferior quality and can cause damage to your hair). Wax-based products provide a firm hold and give a classic barber shop look, but require more skill to use effectively.
  • hair pomade – perfect if you want a strong hold and a Presley or Vito Corleone hairstyle; but be careful not to achieve the effect of oily hair.
  • hair powder – this product is excellent for boosting volume in fine hair, but don’t worry if you have thicker hair – it’s still effective. It’s perfect for adding volume to hairstyles like a Pompadour.

When it comes to setting your hairstyle, the right hairspray is key. Choose a dry spray of the appropriate strength. But before you start styling, consider using a prestyler to make the process smoother. It’s best to work with slightly damp hair (not dripping wet). If your hair is too wet, use a blow dryer to dry it first. Apply your chosen styling product and shape your hair with your hands, comb, or brush. To set the style, blow dry your hair while constantly shaping it. Once you’ve achieved your desired look, finish off with a final spritz of hairspray. Voilà!

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and the first time you may not achieve a hairstyle like the one from a hair salon. That’s okay. Over time, you’ll get better and maybe start saving money on a hairstylist while having fun. Quarantine is a great time to take on new, unknown tasks. Give it a try – your hair will grow back anyway, and the experience will stay with you for life!

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